Installation - Full comprehensive advice and installation service. We install all air conditioning systems from manufacturers including MITSUBISHI, FUJITSU, DAIKIN, LG, TOSHIBA, HITACHI and many others.


Maintenance - Although air conditioning units are extremely durable, it is recommended that maintenance servicing is carried out on a regular basis.   Debris can build up in your unit, filters become blocked and mechanical faults will start to occur. Regular maintenance will improve the performance of your air conditioning systems and the longevity of its use.  We can provide you with different options from a comprehensive annual maintenance plan or one off maintenance service visit.



R22 replacement -  Now is the time to start planning the replacement of R22 air conditioning systems.  From the start of 2010 it will be illegal for air conditioning installers and service engineers to use virgin R22 refrigerant gas for air conditioning and refrigeration units.  Any business operating air conditioning systems that use R22 will therefore be affected.  R22 refrigerant gas is potentially harmful to the ozone so it is being phased out in stages, which is good news for the environment.  Now is the time to review your R22 refrigeration systems and we can advise on new environment friendly systems that will benefit you.

  End of Life Recycling - Even though the recycling of fixed air conditioning is not yet part of the WEEE regulations, you can still guarantee peace of mind by using our end of life recycling service. If you decide to replace your existing R22 equipment with an energy efficient system, you can minimise the impact on the environment by recycling up to 95% of the redundant equipment, regardless of its manufacturer.
Tax Benefits - Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) - The ECA scheme is a key part of the Government’s programme to manage climate change and is designed to encourage businesses to invest in energy saving equipment - this includes air conditioning systems. It provides businesses with enhanced tax relief for investment in air conditioning equipment that meets the specified criteria.   This means that 100% first-year capital allowances on your spending could qualify.  For more information, please refer to